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Attestations & quality labels

Premium silicone resin emulsion paints and plasters have been used successfully for forty years. Renovation intervals of 20 or more years are proof of the quality of these products.

Test methods: Certified quality

You can test the typical properties of silicone resin emulsion paints using the following test methods:
  • Water repellency: Capillary water absorption / water permeability according to EN-1062-3 on sand-lime brick.
    W24 value < 0.1kg/m2h0,5
  • Water-vapor permeability Sd value as per ISO 7783-2 wet cup method (50/93)
    Sd value < 0.1 m
  • Tensile adhesive strength Measured on sand-lime brick
    Cohesive failure at approx. 2.5 N/mm²
  • Weathering resistance: After 1,000 h accelerated weathering (QUV-B)
    • No chalking
    • Beading
    • No discoloration
  • Abrasion resistance After 200 h, QUV-B with spraying
    genuine silicone resin emulsion paints can withstand > 10,000 abrasion cycles.
    DIN 53778 / ASTM D 2484
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