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SRA 101 (πρώην SRZ) - Αντισυρρικνωτικό & Αντιρηγματικό Πρόσμικτο  Τσιμεντοκονιαμάτων (Shrinkage Reducer) - Buddy Rhodes
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SRA 101

SRA 101 is a shrinkage-reducing and crack-control admixture for cementitious mixes. It has been formulated to prevent and reduce cracking or curling caused by shrinkage. SRZ facilitates the expansion of concrete at the same rate as drying-shrinkage during the curing cycle, thus reducing overall shrinkage and side effects associated with shrinkage.

Packaged in 30 lb Bags

Sold by the bag, pallet, or truckload

(Formerly SRZ)

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